1. I know little kids selling weed making more than adults working minimum wage jobs. But congrats. Life is mostly about money. It's wrong but right. I don't blame anyone trying to survive in this messed up world. As long as you aren't robbing people, it's fine. Expect more people to be selling shit as the economy is sinking, job market is getting worse

  2. Hit up colleges, try to only sell to woman. I got about 7 schools and around 45 to 65 sales a week. I only sell 30$ bags. Facts I make like 6k to 9k every month from colleges only. The biggest advantage I got is my reup mad cheap, and I don't smoke weed.

  3. 80s baby checking in. I remember the days when there where no gram deals .you could only buy 50 dollar 8th n 100 qtr .b4 all the dispensaries opened up flooding the black market. ⛽👌

  4. Now that pot is TOTALLY LEGAL in Canada, have you ever considered to open up and own a pot store, or be a sales rep. Or better yet, invest in the stock market that now has pot investers spending millions of dollars???

    My point is… now that pot is legal in this country, there are SO MANY opportunities here…than selling it on the street.

  5. Eventually dealers will be a thing of the past like boot leggers with booze. Eventually we get sick n tired of the shady ( 5 min wait for 74 hrs) not cool. Dont ever answer the phone. Bump that. Dispensery right around the couner now. We tried the streets. Now we have it legal!!😜 dealers need to learn RESPECT. I'll b there n 5 min. YEAH lol what a joke

  6. i got nics, dimes, 20 eights, 30 eights and custom amounts i always got mids and loud. people underestamate mids i get mad people going to 20 eights from me cause its not bad and its cheap. 40 an eight is crazy your customers need a new plug lmaoooo

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