1. k… well i need a par meter for sure now.. btw.. should you move the light up if the plant gets too close? or better to let the lower leaves still get light (assuming moving it up would be better..)

  2. Is 35cm optimal? Why do you make it such a large difference. Now you should do the same test at 2cm increments from 30-40cm. Then you should do the same test without walls near the test area for another data point. More info more customers.

  3. Best comparison of light height on YouTube I've seen so far especially in time lapse terms,some of the other video's I've seen on YouTube they seem to shuffle the plants around especially when comparing with their own lights-be even better if they would get a marker pen and write on each leaf 1111,2222,3333 and so on, then we would see if they got shuffled around

  4. Anyone !: have a small grow space 1.5 square meters=16.15 square feet. 87,500 lumens using LED screw in bulbs white & yellow. 21 Autoflowering plants.Offhand, in general am i using too little or too much light from bulbs close to the plants but not too hot? Thank you.

  5. Cannabis is supposedly an annual plant, yet I have heard
    about keeping female cannabis for multiple years in
    vegetative state to preserve genetic phenonomes for clones;/ how is this done?

  6. This northern irish guys breathing is making me feel like I am suffocating. Also that Belfast A and R in him saying PAR sounds like he’s just saying power. Ha. Gulp….inhale. Pause….PAR. Huuuhhhh pause gulp. Smack.


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