How Drug Companies Pushed Opioids On America | TIME Ideas | TIME

Chris McGreal, author of “American Overdose,” told TIME how the American opioid epidemic is a result of corporate greed. Subscribe to TIME …


  1. This explanation is propaganda – attempting to explain the FDA changing the law to allow Oxycontin for sprained ankles and back pain when the drug it was replacing was only allowed to treat cancer pain

    The PILL MILLS were an FDA invention – intended to prepare Americans for the incoming flood of Afghan Heroin we went to Afghanistan to seize.

    On the day we invaded Afghanistan they produced 0% of American Heroin – today it is +90%, from a landlocked country with one international airport under occupation by the most advanced and powerful military in Human History. I guess they are smuggling out tons of dope on Stealth Donkeys!

    The FDA changed the laws because our governments were about to run some dope on us, same as they have been running dope since the Opium Wars. More propaganda, you only have to get caught doing this type of CYA journalism 1 time to ruin your journalistic credibility, you silly CIA Mockingbirds.

  2. They pushed them on me too, but I took them when needed, responsibly. Just because companies push them on people doesn't mean people should make them a party drug, but that's just they do. Take away opioids and they will go after something else. A drug head is a drug head is a drug head. Stop locking up the wrong people and there will be some positive results. Truth is, America is not trying to get rid of the drug problems. The drug, so called, epidemic, keeps this economy going.

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