1. So cool seeing a tabletop adventure that takes place in the world of Azeroth. I wonder if the old, discontinued official Warcraft Tabletop RPG was anything like this.

  2. Cool to know Jen and Matt started hanging out around this time because they were working together on the Overwatch short. Really should have put two and two together, especially cause blizzard helped with this episode! Such a sneaky pair of critters XD

  3. 10:00 Game starts

    13:20 Character introduction

    23:22 Door

    24:34 Chin tentacles

    28:20 Candlemaker interrogation

    30:20 Bush

    34:00 Light

    37:26 Stealth

    1:01:40 Matt has the golden snitch now

    1:03:00 You were prepared

    1:04:30 Don't f me Colville

    1:12:00 Explosion !

    1:14:00 Taliesin is cursed now

    1:27:40 They don't curse in mage school

    1:34:01 Echoes of another life

    1:35:25 Taliesin is not cursed after all

    1:39:00 Pep talk

    1:42:00 Talking staff

    1:51:58 Break ends

    1:57:10 Pointing the direction to the king

    2:09:50 Boulder parchment shears

    2:23:22 Rogue advice

    2:33:40 Ooops

    2:35:20 LR Jeekins

    2:36:00 Hi Vax

    2:40:40 Problem with the healers

    3:17:45 Divine mousetrap

    3:47:50 Can I have my die back ?

    3:48:40 Dosvedanya

  4. "Heros of both the horde and alliance" i got so excited. curveballs man rip horde players. Damn blue bannered rats.
    I kid i kid it twas fun to watch had to show horde pride

  5. TIL that Matt Mercer was actually the voice actor of Aluneth. I was like 'Wow, he's a dead ringer, if he says something about letting them walk I'm gonna geek out. And then I googled it. So good!

  6. between this and the taliesin one-shot where theyre all vampires, and considering the narrative of his own one-shots, liam is damn good at playing 'remorseless and a little insane'

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