Freddie’s Fuego Marmalade Bong Rips and Dab Mail! | TheDabSpot

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  1. I really want a Magical Butter machine I make butter the traditional way and its very time consuming, as all who have done it know. So you should make a video of you using it and the final product, for us all to be jealous over and in love with

  2. I'm so in love with Katie Bean it's not Fair you Danielle and Katie Bean have to come visit me here in Cape Breton please I want to take Katie AKA Bean go to a movie and dinner yup yup

  3. Thanks for another great video Danielle. Can't wait to see the stuff you make. Look forward to getting one for myself. Keep up the good work you and the indoor smokers rule.

  4. I can’t wait to see the reviews on the new stuff, really love the farm to vape mail, make your own e-juice from concentrates = ingenious 😍😍😍

  5. Can I ask where u buy ur weed from I been using but can alway use more lol. I’m a pot head through an through. but have been getting in 2 concentrates lately an need to a good place 2 buy them from oh. I live in Canada so. Yeah.

  6. Yes!!!! …. reup tour az? Lol one day!!! As soon as you pulled out the terpillate I started drooling lmao 🀣 that pen looks like it takes D cell batteries lmao those zolos are lit!!! There good for vape pens with clumsy owners lmao i witnessed my first vape pen glass
    Break so that’s so clutch!!!

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