Father Treats Daughters’ Childhood Alzheimer w/ Cannabis Oil

Addii and Cassi Hempel’s Story by Father Hugh Hempel at TEDxUniversityofNevada A moving and revelatory talk on the impact of high CBD medicinal cannabis …


  1. J.P.Morgan told Tesla, "If we can't put a meter on it we can't have it." Referring to Teslas free energy.
    Non critially thinking human beings have opinions based on corporate media spew. Yes spew. Agenda selling bile of anything they want the commoners to swallow.
    When do we as a people become wiser. It's 2018. So when ffs's ???

    You've been LIED TO
    Cannabis Oil use to be Sold in the Sears & Roebuck Catalogue
    Then A Few Powerful People made it Illegal and then tried to eradicate it from the Planet

    Endocannabinoid system

    The Human Body has Receptors for CBD CBN & THC

  3. Does anybody understand how significant it is when he said they gave up successful tech careers in silicon valley? Pretty significant if you're from California and know exactly what that means. All to try to save his babies. So sad.

  4. Cannabis medicine is most effective for most cases when using THC with CBD in a full extract. Consistent thc dosing eliminates euphoria distraction (aka spaciness) and can actually be used to help train the short term memory. (People feel 'high' using THC because they do not dose themselves properly.) The irony is that many pharmaceuticals are not well studied at all before approval.

  5. Wow, powerful. Thanks for clearing my tear ducts. Well, start with doctors that support cannabis to create a platform for the sake of 21st century, I mean, why continue its ban carries over to 21st from 20th century with human suffrage that could have been lessen by wonder works from cannabis plant? We need is: HUMAN AWARENESS arising in America and the World to give Cannabis an endless voice support from cannabis-believers societies. Self-righteous selfish god-fearing subhumans truly are useless, just hold on jobs to control and regulate the use of effective drugs perhaps love seeing them suffer which that they are sick in the head with god delusion by thinking that God is against Cannabis….what?! YEA, that baffles you, too! Like in the psychobabble book, it said god created it and it was good and while His sheep say it is very bad and harmful which god did not say it is bad. WELL, it is a call for the Separation of Church and State at the crossroads of medicinal and pharmacy companies, it is a MESS, a BATTLE between secular professions and fairy tales professions. Get it? Let us remind them all about the Separation of Church and State and then we will fight or battle pretty well against them who opposes the use of cannabis to push back their selfish regulations on every other drugs include cannabis.

  6. This is an incredible man here and his wife as well. God bless you on this most amazing of journeys and what A TESTIMONIES OF THE GREAT HEALING POWERS OF CANNABIS, RATHER JUST HEMP OR MMJ. OUR BODIES CANNOT tell cannabinoid from hemp as to cannabis get ya stones ro, which depends but can work well together also. I'm so happy for this brave man and his wife their battles another victory for the victory crop. Cheers

  7. I have some thing for them
    I can stop that and make them feel good and new again
    Please never let them poke kids in the spine
    Growing cannabis for over 30 years and and making a super oil called Water Wood Farms oil
    Are cannabis is a super high breed by breeding them every year for over 30 years
    Call us now

  8. It is hard not to feel a sense of rage at the vilification of this amazing plant due to greed, and the deliberate social engineering our government has unleashed on us over the years.

  9. It is absolutely ridiculous to call marijuana a drug. It is God-given, but human-abused. It is my hope the marijuana is legalized and those who use it do so responsibly. CBD is an amazing substance which has the potential to help reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s. Tell your representatives that you would like to have a discussion about this.

  10. Abraham Lincoln didn't have stock in pharmaceutical company's. There is not reason for research besides our government leaders and their lack of knowledge about cannabis. Anyone with children would break any law that could make their child healthy.

  11. Tge medicinal part does woners in many ways. We have the technology to seperates the medicinal part from the drug part, so we should do it. I do understand why they call it a drug, because ive seen people completely change who smoke it on a daily basis. But if you separate the bad from the good……. many can benefit. Government is all about money and as tgey say, money talks. Sad, just sad that the government forces people to choose between the healthy benefits and jail.

  12. CBD oil! Yes! Regulated yes. Going to food lion or Harris Teeter, and buying a bag of weed, for ”medicinal” uses, instead, they get high for sake of getting high. Then get behind the wheel and kill my family, just like alcohol can do.
    So how do we use this greatly needed product, but keep it out of the hands of addicts?
    Someone said to me ”Just make it illegal to drive high.”
    Ok. Does that stop hundreds of thousands of lives being taken from drunk driving?
    Will there be a MAHD?
    Mom's Against High Driving?
    I am not here to be insulted or ridiculed. I want to know how this can work without it becoming a danger. Or will there be a need for PA? Pot Anonymous?
    Please explain.

  13. It is the parents fault, at a certain age of conception sperms and ovaries r weak, n diseased. When there is a bacterial infection in vitro it does affect tge spine n brain. Let's not pretend.

  14. I think each case is different , but if you make your own oil, make sure to decarboxylate the dried plant before making the oil ,that will make the medicinal strenght better and more forceful it even takes the pshyco behavior out of THC , also i did find it is worth the effort to let your plant stay longer in the insolvent to get some more chlorophyll , it is one of the needed things in the body the body cannot make it , my sisters son has a daughter that had epilepsy and hers is gone since the first few drops ! also one have to adjust the amount you take she takes three drops mornings and evenings but not all is the same , as theres no studies on this we have to try and try again on our own , for the good of our families for myself i went up to 6 drops every night , i had 'n ear infection that lasted for two years and not even the specialists and all their antibiotics could cure it , left me alergic to anti biotics , with the oil it took one week and two days and my ear was fixed , dont be affraid itsworth the effort to try, but remember you need to take a suppliment of vitamins and minerals we cannot get that out of the earth no more our soil have been messed up , give your body what it needs and it will heal it self !

  15. Why are our farms sprayed with highly toxic chemicals that drains into the water supply and then fluoride added on top of all that, F.D.A approved , hemp oil is bad and dangerous. Because it can do wounders medically can produce more paper the one pine tree run our cars and is stronger the cotton cheaper to grow and uses less water.

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