1. How can you get apps on your phone without downloading from the app store, especially ios??

    Also, surely if people WANTED your app in the first place they would then just download it from the store in the first place?

  2. We applied for Dragon's Den for our business proposal but it perhaps wasn't sexy enough, or maybe as it's broadcast-related the BBC thought it too busman's holiday? Our proposals are to launch 14 localised online radio stations using long abandoned ILR (commercial radio) names, sollowing the near monopoly we now seem to have. Ultimately we have opted for a crowd funding bid, in fact 14 of them. This is the bid for Chiltern Radio: https://igg.me/at/chilternradio/x/19849104. Crowd funding is a dynamic way to garner interest in a new startup, however it does appear that you need to be able to spend a few bob to promote your campaign across social media (i.e. Facebook ads et al) in order for any campaign to gain traction.

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