1. These videos should be required viewing for Judges, maybe then they would not be so quick to believe cops when they stand up in court and maintain they do everything by the book.

  2. I sincerely hope everyone of you dumb cunts die of cancer, without LEOs who would would save your bitch ass when ur getting gang banged? There officers that have DIED to protect all of you stupid, ignorant , self- centered, childish, ungrateful, and completely disrespectful cunts.

  3. Dear friends,
    I have now seen a few of these videos with different levels of triggered cop. After pondering this theme for some time now I can only come to this conclusion; the reason for cops being this offensive and aggressive is because they are thought to leave their feelings in the locker rom. Why, because when further down this road and when they start to shoot people they will be numb. Numb as a Capo and instructed to become an instrument for the Kabbala/ Conspirators.

  4. I hate cops just as much as the next guy, but this dude is pretty dumb in saying " you can't tell me to be quiet, I have freedom of speech " well the pig can say to be quiet just as well as this douche can say whatever he wants. Dumbass lol

  5. All I see is a bunch of assholes giving decent cops a hard time.

    Even if your video showed no crime then there is no harm in showing the cop the video to prove it and then him letting you go on your merry way. Don't carry a fucking gun around in public, this should be a given, there is literally NO REASON to do this other than to either provoke a response or to show everyone how 'cool' you are and what a 'big dick' you have, no one needs to take their handgun or AR-15 or SP5K food shopping.

    When you get pulled over? Just show them your ID, be polite and courteous and you both will be on your merry way within minutes, no need to be dick to the cop even if you feel they had no reason to pull you over.

  6. I lived for in the US for five years, and had been stopped a couple of times by different cops in different states. I gotta say they were professionals and respectful. It could be a pure luck, IDK.

  7. The hatred I have for these government parasites is unbearable. Brainwashed idiots w their disgusting smug attitudes always so extra and ready to escalate any given situation.. the mere sight of these disgusting spineless cowardly pigs makes me want to fucking barf. Love it when a cop dies.

  8. 13 minutes of dumb American cops 😂
    Why do cops never listen to the law, I know it’s not my laws but it seems like every American citizen knows their rights and the cops just won’t listen to them anyways even though they quote laws to their face

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