Barrett Wilbert Weed BELTING After Heathers

There’s been a lot of rumours and especulation (pun) with Barrett’s belting after Heathers: The Musical. So this video showcases that and it’s up to you to judge.


  1. The 2016 version of Barrett belting was at a high school not too far from me. They were the first school in Texas to do Heathers 101 (they might've even been the first school to do Heathers 101, I'm not sure) but she was there and helped them through, and when they did Tuck Everlasting, Andrew Keenan-Bolger came and helped them out as well. They're so lucky.

  2. In all honesty, I don't see the difference. Barrett has had a super strong voice before and after she was in Heathers. I'm not surprised that it took a toll on her, but like I said, I can barely tell. I mean she's always had that natural roughness in her voice and it never changed in my opinion. Congrats to her for playing some very difficult theatre roles!

  3. honestly i’m suprised that her voice isnt damaged more. heathers songs are incredibly damaging to the voice and with 8 shows a week for how long she did it its just so unhealthy. she should take a break and work a little on her voice again after mean girls

  4. i feel like she needs to maybe rest after mean girls, take some easier roles and keep it on the down low. she’s been sounding a little rough in the recent mean girls shows from what i’ve heard, and in the bootleg i saw (before it got hit). she does have awesome talent, but if she doesn’t give herself a rest, especially with how she belts everything, she’s going to damage her
    these days, to me, a lot of her belts do sound a little scream-ish. if she’s not careful, she could end up falling down the idina route.

  5. Veronica is a hard role just because of the vocals, even for a weekend of shows (three shows over 2 days) let alone 8 shows a week. The fact that she doesn't have more vocal damage is a miracle.

  6. It is possible to maintain this in a full run is but it takes a ton of work and an amazing vocal therapist and coach. The fact of the matter is no one told her to be careful and mix the transition notes that lie between head and chest voice and she’s pushing from her throat and vocal cords instead of from her diaphragm. A singer with good technique can carry 8 shows a week consistently without blowing their voice but it means resting your voice on your day off still doing vocal exercises, keeping everything warm and moist. It’s a lot of work. If she continues like this I’m afraid her career will be over very young because she just won’t be able to sing anymore and it’s a shame because she was a talented singer pre heathers

  7. Her vocal chords are really suffering. It’s just like with Idina Menzel, after doing Wicked and belting that high 8 shows a week, her vocal chords got messed up and she had to sing Defying Gravity in a different key. Barrett needs a break

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