1. I hear stories of kids accidentally consuming edibles that look like the candy that they know and love. How can i teach them the difference between actual candy and cannabis infused candy? Moreover should i put the cannabis infused candy in a locked place away from childrens reach? Thank you very much in advance

  2. I love your videos, i feel like you'd b an amazing mom to have. Cannabis is kinda a common thing in my family and when my mom caught me smoking in highschool i felt she couldnt do anything cause i knew she used 2 smoke. But if she was a knowledgeable as you im sure we could have had some fun talks about not smoking too much too young.

  3. Wow! I didn't start smoking till 2016, the year I turned 25. So guess I can't get anymore stupid than I already am. I feel awful tho. I was positive Poinko wasn't in my room and I hotboxed in my room and I just hear a whimper. He got in the very bottom of my clothes hamper and was stuck. He prolly fell asleep in there… The poor guy 🙁 He was very high strung afterwards… on a side note. What do you call it when stoners get together and share their stash? … POT luck.

  4. Im not a dad yet, but I'll tell my brother and (if i have any) future kids that doing this too early will make em permanently stupid. In the words of The Pretty Waifu Voice Lady

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