5.11 Tactical TacTec Plate Carrier REVIEW // CrossFit Games Weight Vest

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  1. Plate carriers are not just for military and law enforcement, thinking like that is what makes all that fitness useless you'll never do enough workouts to beat bullets. But those plates will

  2. This plate carrier is actually what I would consider mid range price wise. I own one myself it’s extremely comfortable and if you want to save some money just get some steel level 3 rifle plates. They’re about 8lbs each which is the same as the non ballistic plates.

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  4. Riz, I have a question. My wife is 100 pounds, 5'0 and has a short torso but long legs. She wants a weight vest for doing plyo box step up thrusts with a hop. She needs to be able to raise her leg to 90 degrees. My question is of the 3 weighted vests you have which is the shortest length? And which do you think would work well for a person who is petite with a short torso?

  5. Get the AR500 Steel Plate Armor for about $65.00 USD (per plate) with the spall coating…  Then you can use it for a weight vest or protection !  Me, I like the light weight NIJ Level IIIA Armor…  tjl  P.S. Upgraded Drag Handles and Quick Release drive the price way UP !

  6. Looks cool and efficient, however I'm up to 40ilbs resistance for calisthenics workout,this simply won't do it. BTW keep your head straight and stationery w/ chin over bar on those pull-ups…yours wouldn't have counter in any NSW Community PST

  7. Great video
    I have this vest and its amazing light weight but when you add the 20lbs WOW You will feel the pain when you work out in a good way.,and yes i would say its worth the money 100%

  8. why is he talking like the plate carry is expensive, has he seen the price tag on all of the other ones. plus with the extra things the vest has going for it. It's by far the cheapest one, a drag handle that gives you movement so the guys head isn't banging against your arm, a left, right or duel quick release tap that can be on the front or worn inside the vest, laser cuts for extra attachments, multi color choices and skeletonized side straps. and did I also mention the air flow padding that comes with it!!! so the question isn't is it worth it, it should be why don't you have one???

  9. Can only speak to my condor chest rig but dang it gets heavy quick loaded up, but suppose I'm a ways out to be on this fitness level using weights for training, real life goals!

  10. For fitness applications, I could see it doing alright like you said. Anything else though, I'd say there are much better options both in function and price than this product. 5.11 mostly makes great stuff, but I don't think they made the vest with a pure tactical purpose in mind. Still, great review Jeff.

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