1. I tried extenze back in my early 30's when I was training in martial arts, I bulked up quick,broke out in acne all over, & got really aggressive during sparring sessions, I was also getting real temperamental with people at work, plus headache's, I quit taking them, I'm 40 now & lifting weights,I wonder if I take it now it'll help with bulking up?

  2. Dont buy this i take 1 capsule of this after an hour i have a headache for 12 hours how much more for 30 capsule..im going to take it back to walgreens and get my money back i think its not worth it…and it didnt get hard on me it doesn’t work for me

  3. I took extenze for one night it did the job was hard for about an hr, but side effects was horrible. Sweaty palms n feet plus couldn’t sleep well felt like I was just hot I wouldn’t recommend taking it.

  4. I used to sell it at #GNC guys love it. It makes you think naughty fast though. You're supposed to be a certain age to buy it but i would get 20 year olds buying them all the time.
    Make sure you don't have heart problems and contact your PCP before trying it.

  5. It definitely works but it caused me daily headaches for weeks. I took them for about 6 weeks. And I had headaches for about 3 months. Took aspirin everyday as well. These headaches would wake me in the middle of the night.
    Overall, results were amazing. But I just couldn’t deal with the constant head pounding daily. Damn shame they had this side effect on me. Maybe my dosage was too high.
    As for performance…, girlfriend at the time was exhausted. And orgasms were more intense than I’d ever experienced. And have never experienced again after giving up these pills
    Hope this review helped. Maybe someone else will have better luck and won’t have headaches.

  6. Yup do not buy from anywhere other than leading edge health or the official website . I bought some from stand consultants in the uk who sold me fake extenze. I had it lab tested in the usa as i had my doubts about it ,fecking wankers ! got my money back but very annoyed !

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