1 17 19 Bill Ballard ~ Tale of the Devil’s Widow ~ 2019 Newest Medical Strain

Another wonderful sign of New Earth. My dear brother Tom Miller who just crossed over was growing medical cannabis for his Agent Orange pains that …


  1. Just found this channel! Very interesting info…understood most of it. Love the toilet imagery! My uncle served in Veatnam …he was a POW. He was the kindest man. Bless his soul. Your friend (Tom) sounds amazing.

  2. Another FANTASTIC VIDEO!!!! Thank you so much!! Hey Bill, I got one for you. So, you say that were in 5d energies and we better be careful with what we think and feel and say, well HERE GOES!! I am thinking, saying and feeling so happy to see many of your videos throughout all of 2019/2020 LOL!!! Love you man!! Peace and love to you and everyone as well including your peeps! ha! ha! ha!

  3. this is amaing, i was watcing Tony Rodrigues whistleblower and he was talking about the island off Seatle where he was imprisoned as a child…he is so credible and his story is mindblowing.

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