Webinar: Medication-Assisted Treatment in Drug Courts

Learn more about the role of medication-assisted treatment in drug courts, and how drug courts are working to help get people with substance use disorders the …

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  1. I am 27 and would have not become sober, especially actually from use of Dextromethorphan HBr (OTC), a dissociative, if I was not arrested for a felony though it was non violent and all that, and from my manic state of mind.. the two years of probation really not only got me clean, but taught me to respect authority figures. It was a blessing in disguise at first and I didn't know it. I wish there was a way to kind of be on a supervised probation voluntarily , make a contractual agreement with the State and say I feel I'm in danger of losing my sobriety so I'd like to make a 6 month deal to be on Probation. Of course that's not possible but just an idea..

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