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  2. OK back to my dull retirement life well today at least , arrrg at home getting red to do some remodeling in the house . Part of the anti grasshopper protection.

    Yes what are grasshoppers . ( sheeple) Now you ask what are sheeple . They are people who blindly follow the status quo . Trends can't plan for tomorrow. Evan though they know a hurricane is coming then wonder why they suffer from disasters over and over duh stupid you are in hurricane ally you are in tornado ally. Come on people we looking at giving shut down you might get no food stamp or ebt shit sheeple are the hoards that flock to fema camps fir free this that. But fail to notice inward facing razor wire . Like in prison . This mentioned to keep in .not those on out outside. . Except when two chain walls deployed oh and the guard towers .
    Go ahead call me crazy for I have seen these camps . . No go read the updated martial law definition and what they can do . THANK YOU O BAHAMA. Dam it trump stop this O bahmah form martial law now destroy the head chopper tools be heading is cruel and unusual punishment it don't always work.

  3. Became a stoner at 14 stopped at 35 did concerts from 12 to 40 last 5 with wife she pregnant with my son at George Thourogood he accordingly to her was kicking with the music 6 months pregnant and was jamming a little bad to the bone Rocker. Now learning piano ,violin and guitar. He just turn 13 working on the 12 string acoustic guitar. Long ass fingers this makes both his guitar and piano teachers happy. Translates metalica music to the 12 string just by ear no sheet music . 2 to 3 days most songs. Got him a piano. Next toss up violin or a electric set up. .

    I tell him do music for fun . Play music.to your emotions. Then.you will soon be one with it and your guitar. Music can easy be a reflection. Of our emotions. It same a poetry .

  4. I am no longer a pot head I stopped in 95 after that last pink Floyd concert that lasted for me . For two days, still can't fill in all the blank spots in mind from that SMOKE AND WINE FEST. Half expect some kid to come up on me call me dad . I was 35 then spent many years high with Jimmy H on that purple haze did some righteous Bob Marley concerts. Smoked in greatfull dead head land . . Finally. Got a real job got married and a kid I know is mone.

    Was a nice trip you all smoke till you content pack some munchies. Get mellow and go flying might smoke a fatty on my bed to Jesus land. Say whazz up jezus haaay Peter smoke this shit

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