Top 10 Most Popular Weed Strains

This is a Top 10 list of the strongest and most popular strains out there. If you have any ideas for future videos then please comment below with your suggestions …


  1. Why are you talking about weed in the first place just cause you smoke it don't grow or have 1 weed video but this one 🤔 stick to fortnite in your mom's basement 👍

  2. Where the jet fuel OG and Snowman grown from @powerzzzup. And you forgot South Florida OG. Y life. Gelato. Lemon tree. Wedding cake peanut butter breath. Cherry pie. Butter OG. Sherbet. Biscotti. Grimace. Cereal milk. Thin mint gsc. Phantom cookies. Kosher kush

  3. Renee weed is a great strain u never get amuned to it I've been smoking it for a good 7 years straight and it still works well but it's a clone only plant there is feminized seeds out there but it not even close

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