1. I just listened to the podcast and had to check out your YouTube channel. Have just added all your sturgis trip vids to my watch later list…..liking what I’ve seen so far. Stay awesome…..Subscribed

  2. Rikki! I grew up with Poison, play the drums and do BJJ. I’ve listened to you on Joey’s show before and after listening to this most recent episode, I kept thinking to myself, “Who’s cooler than Rikki Rockett?” I love listening to your stories. And you are so well spoken, interesting and bright (Sorry for the fanboy stuff, ha ha). I am a big coffee drinker and want to get my hands on some Bombs and Rocketts. Gonna order some as soon as its available. Thanks for all you do and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I’m happy you are healthy and kicking ass!!!

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