PAX 3 How-To and Usage Review

A full review and How-To of the brand new PAX 3 vaporizer available at your local URGE SMOKE SHOP location. – We dive into the PAX 3 showing exactly how …


  1. So I finally tried this device last night. It’s motherfucking bomb! And we used some not so fresh material either, some preused pax herb, and some that had been used twice with the pax. All together about maybe 1-1.5g. I got one of the highest I have ever been. It was incredible. And I have a moderate tolerance. So for those of you that may be questioning if it is worth your money, it is. With this device I was able to get equally fucked up off bud, and reuse it THREE TIMES! Talk about efficiency.

  2. Always have wanted the pax 3 i finnaly bought one that was for sale for 50 bucks off online so i boight a few other things for it but when it came in its a knock off 🙁 after saving for ever for it now i have to start all over again fml

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