New book argues that marijuana can harm mental health

Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson sits down with “Squawk Box” to discuss his new book addressing the potential dangers of marijuana.


  1. This is so true, please do your research, look up Dr. Daryl S Inaba. An expert on this drug. Author of uppers Downers and all arounders this drug is not what people think. Most just don't want to know.

  2. He’s a liar point blank. He reads a report and thinks he’s an expert enough to write a book. Such a crock. Monster alcohol is much worse but no one address this truth. Cannabis is no where near the danger of her ion alcohol Cocaine meth. It’s a plant dude. You’re a fool. Alcohol causes delirium tremors. This happens as a result of the brains inability to go into REM sleep. Cannabis does the same but mildly so. So basically your awake and dreaming hence hallucinations

  3. You lied about it so we won't believe you again. If it is dangerous then don't use it, bro. Leave it for those that know how to use it. 😂😂😂 You can stick to coke or oxycodone whatever the fuck it is that you use, you slave to drug companies. 😂😂😂

  4. He doesn't really know much about what he's talking or writing about. National institute of Psychology said Schizophrenia and BiPolar in adults happens in the same percentage that it does as in the general population. Generally fucking means correlation is not causation. Kids a shill. Cannabis isn't the enemy, the dudes taking 5 foot bong rips saying it cures cancer is.

  5. Big Pharma cares about you…

    Do you have cough?….I have a pill that will get rid of that cough….

    side effects…( your dick will fall off, kidneys seize up, lungs collapse, and you will go blind)…


    But don't worry we have a pill, we can sell you for all those side effects as well.

  6. Imagine if they all sat around and discussed how the USA has killed around 3 million in the Middle East and who got their resources after they dethroned their leaders. FAKE NEWS?

  7. I get his point but he just oversimplifies things and wants to make a sensational title to sell his book. Alcohol actually causes more psychosis and schizophrenia than marijuana!

    All drugs are bad, mkay? Everything in moderation!

  8. would be dead from narcotic pain meds from trying to live with AS spine myopathy without it being tolerated in this state. still get up at 430am every day and work a 10-14 hour trading day consistently supporting myself and my father .

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