Infected Debris and Discharge Suctioned off Ear Canal and Eardrum – #353

This blocked ear wax removal extraction procedure is performed by UK pioneer and world-leading endoscopic ear wax removal specialist Mr Neel Raithatha …


  1. Can't thank you enough for letting us hear these interactions.

    Do you ask for their permission to record and post videos? And do you ask for permission to post the audio and video together?

  2. ABSOLUTELY love the new audio thing!! It’s given me some perspective on why ear specialists do (and don’t do) things a certain way. And the way you’re doing them, the actual procedure with the patient involved, reminds me that while I enjoy these videos greatly, it IS a medical procedure for the benefit of a real person and we are just untrained persons who are privileged to get to be voyeurs!

  3. Hi from New Zealand, Neel, your new audio interaction with your patients has taken your channel to the next level, as you can see, all of us love to hear you and patient and can understand what's going on, well done and here's to a million subscribers coming up, cheers, Don

  4. Ok, I'm gonna start by saying that this is no reflection on Mr Neel. Because he did an excellent job!! But, cuz he was working right on the eardrum, who else was expecting his patient to yell, or wince, or something, from pain??
    I hope she heals better, with that outta there. Great job, and great video!! Thanks for sharing with us 🌞

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