How to Get OFF Prescription Drugs and Eat Healthy: Dr. Peter Breggin and Pam Popper PHD, ND

How to get off prescription medication, how to stop taking pills safely and how to eat healthy with a Whole Foods plant-based diet. Dr. Peter Breggin is One of the …


  1. as a person with chronic kidney disease, it would be impossible to follow a healthy diet. In withdrawal it is important to avoid MSG and processed food. Stomachs become very sensitive and raw fruits & vegetables are impossible.

  2. Adderall and Ritalin are not the only two psychiatric drugs.  Far more people are on the likes of benzodiazepines and Seroquel and other harmful drugs.  I tried the green smoothie diet and it was so hard on my stomach I had to quit.  Thinking it's far better to cook most veggies before eating them.  I liked the Forks Over Knives doc, some very good info.

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