How I Lost 125 lbs In One Year On Weight Watchers

I just want to put a disclaimer that I am NOT a professional. I am just talking about the things that worked for me! Weight Watchers is the absolute best thing that …


  1. Weight Loss 55 lbs over 2 yrs , now quit smoking last July 2018. I have gained 10lbs and I’m back to Weight Watchers ! Glad to be back again. Your video is inspiring…Thank you! I’m 66 yrs old and go to the gym for a mile on the treadmill at lunch time at the ER where I work.

  2. Please reply to this, I love your channel I have subscribed. Please remember me when you get 1 million subscribers. I think you are the strongest girl I’ve ever seen. You’re amazing and really beautiful. And if I was in the same situation I wouldn’t care about loose skin either. I’ve watched all your videos. ❤️

  3. I think its amazing what you have done! What changed mentally for you? I have been on the opposite spectrum and had anorexia. But I think it all stems from emotion and masking feelings. Maybe not for everyone. Just thought I'd ask as no one asked you about the headspace. Congratulations
    You look amazing but it's more then that🧡

  4. Don’t know if anyone has said this but I love how real you are and did your video with your room “lived in”.
    Congratulations on all your hard work and weight loss!

  5. Great story! I feel motivated! Please do a grocery haul and meal prep video. I would also like to see a exercise video. Cardio & Weights. I know I'm asking you for alot of video's! These video's Will help many! Your an inspiration!

  6. U look great by the way I’m on ww too but struggling with eating hlthy I’m addicted to food and fast food and want to learn how to eat hlthy and if I go to fast food make hlthy choices I want ww to be a lifestyle for me like u any advice

  7. Congratulations on meeting you goals you look fabulous. Thank you for making and sharing this video. I too have tried many different diets and have not been very successful. I learned from you that I lack motivation and self sabotage my success. So now you have encouraged me to treat myself to good meals and take it one day at a time even when I don't feel like it. I'll let you know how I do as I'm starting the Friday after Thanksgiving. Current weight is 220 and I'm 4' 11". Now I'm going to watch you video on meal plans.

  8. Hi loves! I’m new to your channel. A bit about me.. I had the sleeve in 2016.. lost 112lbs and have gained back 40.. at 2 years out it’s like I was never sleeved and I struggle with the ups & downs of PMDD and anxiety. Anyway, I have lost 15lbs in a month with Freestyle and I feel so motivated and encouraged. I can’t wait to see what a year brings. Keep being amazing ❤️

  9. I just found your channel. I'm on WW too and love it. Very interested in tips on exercising to change it up. I'm almost 60. I love that I don't have to cut everything out to lose and I'm working on changing the I can't have that mentality. Great job!

  10. Congratulations!! I just started ww a week ago and I am telling you it is way easier than I thought.. Almost felt like it was too easy and maybe it wouldn't work but you have inspired me to keep going!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

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