Grow Plants Faster with this – Proven Scientific Method | Mycorrhizae

Todays topic of discussion is grow plants faster and healthier – 200 times faster. What are these plant tablets and plant powder that can actually accelerate plant …


  1. Any body aware how to multiply vam? I think molasses are not a food source for mycorrhizae. I’m thinking to find a way to save money if we learn to multiply them

  2. Sir, I have a doubt, which is best to use ? Root booster tablets or VAM powder?
    When should I use these (products), when the plant is caused by fungus or when it will be healthy ?
    Plzzzz response and reply as soon as possible bcuz I need this information..

  3. Dear bro,
    There is a hole in the trunk of my curry leaves plant. It was made by an insect before I realised it and now it's getting bigger as the trunk is getting thicker. Is there any way it can be cured?

  4. how to cure my plants from leave cutter insect..sir mere sabhi plants ki leave tip syd se kati hui hai..plz kuch treatmnt bataye???
    aur ek plant ki leaves mein kuch white powder type insect aa gye hai..plz help kariye sir

  5. I've used Mycor for 15 years now, and it is everything he's saying and More. Used properly you can turn a Desert in'to a Garden area. The Liquid is most effective, but very expensive.

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