1. Uhm Hello?
    Electromagnetic fields?
    Voyager 1&2?
    International Spacestation?
    The Moon has a Round Shape?
    The Solar system?
    If the earth was flat then it would always face the sun and we would have scorching 143°C temperatures.

  2. So instead of hearing what they have to say or even put effort to understand their point, you just dismissed all of their arguments based on how they dress and how their car looks like. Your salty irony and mocking other people for having different opinion just show how ignorant you are, doesnt matter if they are right or wrong. You dont see anybody going to the church and be like "holy shit this "father" is wearing a gay dress, Jesus doesnt exist y'all"
    Wanna prove somebody's wrong? Give them solid facts

  3. Flat earth officially debunked, there is a water table i.e. ground water on top of a hill where the low point has a stream! If the earth was flat all ground water would remain at the lowest point.

  4. I share flat Earth memes from time to time on Facebook and some moron actually thinks I legitimately believe that… so I mess with them of course by acting like it's totally serious :,)

    Honestly these people are all in on just one amazing joke. You're probably dumber if you believe them;;;;

  5. Can someone explain to me if the earth is flat how all ocean and land the are all connected 🤔🤔🤔🤔 what a bunch idiot this people for Real or the taking too much ACID ……..😂😂😂😂

  6. I don’t believe the earth is flat but you get a dislike from me since this is one of the trashest and pointless video ever done on yt, no clue, litterally time spent on people clothing. Irony? Fine but you must be a moron like them if you think this video is funny.

  7. Dude. You have no back up to this. All you do is point out physical features and make fun of them. I know and understand it's difficult to start to even comprehend but the key to everything is have an open mind, right?

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