1. The comical aspect made me wanna subscribe to you lol….I only tried cbd once from a company called hemp picks and I’m almost certain it was berry wine 2…and it was garbage completely wasted my time and money but ima try that Charlotte sauce tho

  2. Bro i deadass purchased some of this exact kind after watching this video it just got here today and let me tell u have never felt more relaxed I much prefer this feeling! Thanks for your review my guy! Keep up the excellent work!

  3. I appreciate your review on this product. You may have inspired me to go right ahead and order some this week! But I would like to suggest one thing.

    The berry wine might not have agreed with your palate, and you're correct in stating "different strokes for different folks." There may be some people who absolutely cannot stand the flavor of Charlotte's sauce but swear by the berry wine up and down that it is the most particularly delicious strain out there. It is totally subjective.

    All in all, good review.

    I would be using CBD hemp flowers for pain management primarily. Almost chronic back pain from an injury in my early 20s keeps me going right back to the doctor for more pain meds, and all my sick leave and vacation was used last year just to rehab.

  4. I hit subscribe right when you made that nate dogg comment🙏🏼 but i Just ordered the same thing from CBD DIRECT 3 days ago, hoping I enjoy it as much as you did😂good video man keep it up 🤙🏼

  5. Definitely gonna be ordering some Friday 💯 never really knew there was cbd bud. Been smoking weed for about 5 or 6 months now but I've gotten into alot of bs with my parents who are anti-weed😭 and I've also got a rehab service my school is making me attend unfortunately or id have weed charges😔 but I think this might just be it. Something to smoke on and feel relaxed not get all worried that my parents would know I was high or failing drug tests etc.

  6. You got a new subscriber bro, just ordered some Monrow Farms sour candy. Can't wait to try it as an ex weed smoker that gets drug tested at work. Been years since I smoked.

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