Blue Dream Strain Pickup Sesh! (One Of Our Favorites)

What Is Up Stoney birds/ litty fam! Picked up one of our favorite strains blue dream! Comment below what are your guys favorite sativa strains also what are y’all …


  1. Bro what the fuck I just bought an ounce of this shit on the low for 80 you got fucked man.
    Edit: Also don't smoke too much and drive you'll get spacey

  2. I loveee blue dream but that's insane!! Almost $70 for an eighth?! I buy half an O for $135-150 at most but I feel, I feel, at least it's legal right? Adrienne is my spirit animal lol "I hope I get blooown" that's like my life motto hahaha stay lit you guys! #littygang

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