#90 10-17-18 White Nationalism Is Dead: Now What?

00:00 The state of the Alt Right, white nationalism 34:00 France’s Muslim problem 47:00 Los Angeles Dodger shortstop Manny Machado and the Dominicans …


  1. The media is obsessed with the murder because they're journalists too & they understand the danger their colleagues are in as they report on things that governments don't want exposed to the public.

    That was a stupid discussion. Journalists care about their own the same way white people care about their own & Christians care about their own etc etc etc.

    Saudi Arabia is a murderous dictatorship. It's incredible to hear this nutty defense of people who are literal terrorists. Ugh

  2. When Black people decided to love their heritage white people were offended. Now it's cool to have pride for YOUR whiteness but no one else is allowed ro be happy & comfortable in THEIR heritage.

    You can't have it both ways. THAT'S why you're having problems. People have discovered your hypocrisy.

  3. 14:30 One could argue that Conservativism Inc’s failures were logically inescapable from the start. Conservativism is a movement that coalesced around William Buckley and National Review after the success of Russell Kirk’s 1953 book (The Conservative Mind.) Conservativism was largely a movement founded to win the Cold War. And there was a pact with the liberals which went like this:

    That the liberals would agree to support Cold War politics and in return the right would agree to surrender on every other issue.

    15:23 Now, by the end of the 1980s it was obvious that the Cold War had been won by us. This was the point that conservativism should have vanished on the political scene. But of course, that’s not how things worked, because there was an enormous amount invested in conservativism. There was a great deal of corporate investment and a great deal of personal investment in it. There was a feeling when Reagan was running for President and after he won – which was a surprise to a lot of people in1980 – that these conservatives in their triumph would move to Washington, clean up Washington, shrink the size of government and then they would all go home to where they came from.

    16:13 That is the opposite of what happened. Government did not shrink. Government got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. It continues to get bigger. And the conservatives did not leave Washington – they love Washington. They love Washington because they're important in Washington in a way that they could not be where they come from. They get to be ‘world leaders pretend’ as the song goes. And so, you have this tremendous investment in a political movement which serves absolutely no purpose. And you see when Donald Trump talks about NATO and perhaps suggests the problems in NATO, that Conservatism Inc goes into hysterics because NATO was integral to the Cold War, to the conservative movement bastion against Soviet invasion of Western Europe….

    17:42 When I said that 'conservatives surrendered on everything else', you see the extent to which conservatives are invested in racial identity politics. Not white racial identity politics, but the other races – that the conservatives are very big on immigration, not from white countries but from non-white countries, because they have incorporated & internalized this belief that these people are better than us. Part of this has to do with the cult of entrepreneurship which grew up in the 1980s – that the entrepreneurs were the 'bestest' people in the whole world and we needed more entrepreneurs, and apparently, Americans weren’t very good entrepreneurship – which is absolute nonsense, of course, so we have to import all these foreigners to do it.

    18:39 White guilt became incorporated into conservativism for all sorts of reasons. One important reason being is that black people refuse to vote for the Republican Party. Now there’s a very simple reason why black people refuse to vote for the Republican Party, which is that the Democrats offer them stuff that the Republicans don’t. The Democrats identify with their struggle against white people and are continually promising more money, more programs, more 'gibs', as they say. And the reaction of the conservatives and the Republican Party in general, was not to adopt the Sailer Strategy which in brief is, ‘graze were the grass is’, it was to double down on sucking up to, first blacks, and then other minorities. Which turned out to be a tremendous failure and will always be a tremendous failure.

    19:42 It seems to me that what we should be looking at is to destroy the old-style conservative parties. The conservative party which calls itself the Republicans in the United States. The conservative party in Canada. The conservative party in Great Britain. That they have to be molded to reflect the new reality. That’s the best hope that they have. And there are suggestions that this might be happening to the Republican Party. I think the conservative party in Canada and the conservative party in Great Britain are too far gone for this.

  4. 1:04:00 Sluts and bastards. No, Luke, it is not morally acceptable to say "Congratulations" when some slut informs you that she has had a bastard. The correct response is "I didn't know you were you were married."

  5. 40:00 Our so-called leaders are really just keepers of a locked cage that we are kept in. Every now and then, they might throw some food into the cage and every now and then they might open the cage quickly to take a few of the caged animals out for their own purposes. Our so-called leaders are certainly too afraid to have a conversation with us to see how we are and how we feel about the government, and we have given up trying to express our views on the conditions we are kept in because we already know they don't care, pretend they can't hear us, or, if they can hear us, prefer to dismiss us as mad or evil. We live in pre-revolutionary times.

  6. 18:00 The problem with Conservatism is that it does not have an official handbook other than the Bible and the Koran which a mainly atheist populace now reject out of hand in favour of sexual liberation from the rules of marriage and rearing the next generation.

  7. Luke, have Greg Johnson on to discuss his book?! Don't know how KMG and Johnson would get along but maybe on a Sunday episode. Johnson's book > KMG on white nationalism? Let's see.

  8. By the way, KMG is wrong, Charles was not the legitimate king of France, actually the Lancastrians did have the best legal claim to the French throne and the French had additionally agreed to Henry V's succession (and his descendants) in the Treaty of Troyes

  9. What an extremely dumb essay, KMG is correct in his criticisms. White people don't want each other dead. I've never hheard a white nationalist say that Polish immigration to Britain is a good thing, on the other hand I've never heard a British nationalist complain about the presence in Britain of the grandchildren of Poles who came here during the war. But Europeans clearly feel closer to one another than to blacks or asians or whatever. Being for white identity is more than enough for a movement, the reason white nationalists don't go into more specifics is because it's good to have as broad a tent as possible at this point.
    Kevin, if you're interested in finding out what white nationalism is, you should read Greg Johnson's essay (it's not very long)

  10. 26:20 I'm kinda irritated by Luke's materialist angle whenever he tries to argue a point. Opera? Academia? Classical music? Internet? I could go to Japan or even mainland China and enjoy all those things. Who are you trying to convince? In fact, take a look around: classical music is thriving in Asia to an extent it is not in the West.
    These are NOT the elements of our civilisation one should appeal to, and no one really cares that White people invented those things or carried them to such artistic heights. You should be appealing to community, tradition, the ties that bind us together through our heritage, our shared history, our shared values and conception of the world, for the America or Europe of the future not to be a desolate Waste Land inhabited by strange people wearing foreign garb and speaking a barbarian tongue, but by our own descendants and their kin.

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