Swades | Now Available in HD

A bright young scientist (Mohan Bhargava) working as a project manager in NASA returns to his hometown on a quest to find his childhood nanny. The film uses …


  1. Best movie of SRK…Carrier..heart touching movie…One of the ever green .movie..in Indian film history… Shrukh..Acting..is fantastic..and all other actors also done…superb..work..and A.R Rehman music is very nice.. Totally this movie is best…

  2. Hi, Red Chilli Team this Swades was a great touching Romanic as in real life. SRK he was great what an actor. I bought the movie I can watch it many times I like. I would love to see 'Don 2' I wish you could put this on too with English subs. Thank you for putting Swades on. It is a beautiful movie. And it is a true story.

  3. lol really
    whos gonna pay for this bullshit
    in the world of piracy you guys think you got pay of through this piece of shit.
    well go for it
    and atleast one google for that movie.
    poorest marketing

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