1. He made this song before he shot his friend because if you kill someone u will be in jail for Life and you can’t make a song in jail and you can’t accidentally kill Somone ak47 that mean he did It on purpose

  2. The whole day is going good for you guys to come to my chance to get a new phone and I don't like that you can you feel like you're having fun in the snow and the whole time I was you

  3. How cruel could people be? This world should be a better place..I feel all the pain he’s going through and I bet he was going through more while writing this song💗🤞🏽

  4. I try to get turnt to this song but what he talkin about happened to me with my pops he died in front of al his children including me and his mom and died there and ever since I've been kind of angry and reckless

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