TV Patrol: ‘Medical marijuana pinapayagan pero may mga kondisyon’

Matapos ang naging sagot ni Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray ukol sa tanong na legalisasyon ng paggamit ng marijuana, uminit lalo ang usapin kung dapat …


  1. Okay, so Rep. Atienza's logic is a bit off. The recreational use of marijuana has been attributed to its psychoactive effects i.e. "getting high". Now, the psychoactive effects have been attributed to a substance called THC. From my reckoning, most medical marijuana has a low THC level and a contrastingly high concentration of CBD; a substance in marijuana that makes it medically viable. It means that you won't get "high" even of you tried. Its also a great replacement for opiate pain killers, a far more addicting drug than weed. BTW, marijuana was prohibited because of racist US propaganda when the influx of Latin American immigrant brought the along the recreational use weed to its territory. They denounced it like it was the devil yet tobacco and alcohol were still a thing tolerated by its government. Nevertheless, cannabis has historical merit in medical practice.

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