Shooting Cats: Australia’s War on Feral Cats

WARNING: This video contains graphic content. In Shooting Cats, VICE set out to explore the consequences of Australia’s feral cat plague, and confront the …


  1. In my area I kidnapped ferals round them up and send one by one to be spayed (mostly males because they are cheaper to pay for). For the past 5 years I've seen a reduction in their pop and is relieved. Sometimes I'd gas their den. Sometimes slingshot. Its cruel and I used to not have the stomach but now I'm numb to the bone. All I see is an ecological demon.

  2. I’m Australian I regret this I love cats why do people shoot poor little kitty’s that might mean my cats will die because they don’t have a collar and they always go outside and sometimes get lost 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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