Richa Love – Medical Cannabis and its effects on patients.

Medical Cannabis and its effects on patients. Hear first hand accounts of how patients from a variety of backgrounds have drastically improved the quality of life …

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  1. I have epilepsy and I also have a sleep disorder but I take antiepileptic medication and sleeping aid pills. Butts when it is October 17th I will purchase marijuana in a store very close to my house and I will smoke marijuana at night time because it will help me sleep and I will still take my anti put up tick medication but if I ever wish I will spoke sativa in the morning which will help me wake up. All I'm trying to say is there is no point of getting a medical marijuana card when marijuana is legal?! I'm not going to waste my time and meet a doctor and tell the doctor he I need medical marijuana when I can just buy it and at the same time the government of Alberta does not paid for medical marijuana so I'm just going to buy weed in the stores

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