Practical Advise For Quitting Drugs

Today I discuss how to get sober, how to stop drinking alcohol, and get your life back. I share my experience quitting drugs, quitting opiates, etc. I will make future …


  1. Bro I been so down the last couple days and hear this honestly warms my soul… Your a real one Rob wish we could kick it one day keep it up and please let ppl know how they can donate to you even if it's just small amounts… We need ppl like you … Keep it up true inspiration

  2. Thank you for another great video! its just amazing how you can catch the momentum and wake up. Turn your life the opposite way and don't look back. The same happened to me. I feel free and the happiest I've ever been! Knowing the truth is a treasure. I wish one day to be in the same room with all those wonderful beings 🙂 No one can stop as! Let's just start planting fruit trees all over the place…;D All my support and love to you!

  3. Great video and story. Your journey so far seems to have the makings of a great book.

    It is so true about using the word "try". All too often it just means I'll think about it but put it off. "Do" is a much better word. The Nike slogan is "Just DO it."
    The action of doing is what it all boils down to and once you initiate the action by simply starting momentum helps to keep you going. Some get overwhelmed at how difficult they thing facing their challenge is but often just making the decision to 'do' it and simply 'starting" is the hardest part. Then momentum kicks in and all you do is keep going with the flow you initiated.

  4. Hey!! I just wanted to thank you for all of your videos and everything I have learned so far!! This morning I used the steam sauna for the first time. I bought it for my birthday hehe and it's amazing!!!  I am Vegan for a year and learning how to eat better eveyday, listening to my body…of course! Wish you all the best in your/our journey!! Thank you again, never enough.. Besoos XOXO much love 🙂

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