1. Aww! I love her mom. She’s thinking that everything is temporary and soon enough, she will be gone making her realize that her daughter should have a child ,too. I love their relationship and I wish them nothing but the best.

  2. "The life expectancy after treatment is 5 years". Have hopes! My grandma had the same cancer, multiple myeloma, and it spread to her skin. Doctors said the life expectancy was 3 months after it spread to her skin but miraculous, the medications worked (which they rarely do when it spreads to the skin) and she is living and doing well!

  3. As a mother of 48 with two grown sons who also has terminal cancer, I can recognize how difficult this conversation truly was. And while i believe they probably had to have discussed some of these things at an early stage in her diagnoses, that doesn't make them any easier to breach each time they are reiterated. I salute these women; the daughter for her ability to be honest about her true feelings and lifestyle and the mother for her ability to really hear her daughter with an open heart, finally, both of them for their strength and courage in this moment. Thank You for this.

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