1. I see no issue with the legalization of cannabis. A substance that is significantly less dangerous then alcohol is and has been treated like a dangerous weapon. People are literally being arrested for YEARS, stripped from educations, and job opportunities due to the possession of cannabis. People need to wake up and look at the facts. Psilocybin, Cannabis, and things similar or related is not of the concern. Are taxes should go to more important issues like keeping REAL criminals off the streets and to the militia power to keeping Americans safe.

  2. There are 2 types of people who are against legal cannabis, the ones who are ignorant to the subject or the ones who are making money off it by it being illegal.

  3. do you think we will ever get around to legalizing murder? maybe if we just bring murder out of the shadows and have government control it….oh wait….we have the military.

  4. All the intelligence agencies of the world know who the global cartels are and could have bombed them all at anytime and built 10 walls with their seized funds. Then mexico could have lived in peace and governed and prospered on their own. But hey there is no money in that. Now we get to watch the media go around in circles like dogs chasing their tales while the United States corrupt politicians,cia,fbi etc. and other globalist leaders sit around acting like they dont know what would fix our imigration problem that they enabled and perpetrated on the people of the U.S. and the world in the name of Democracy!!!

  5. Never smoked pot in my life, but it 100% should be legal. It's less harmful than alcohol, and the government shouldn't control what adults can put in their bodies. End the expensive, ineffective war on drugs completely.

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