How To Use The Pilot Battery | Vuber Vaporizers

The Vuber Pilot Battery is a premium cannabis concentrate vaporizer which delivers huge clouds of vapor upon the push of a button. This “How To Use” …


  1. no troubleshooting on what to do when pen light continues to blink red even when fully charged. Even when there is no cartridge attached, when the button is depressed it blinks red. bummer

  2. Why don't these companies make the variable voltage indicators red, yellow, and green? A feature like that shouldn't have even been up for debate

  3. These things are real finnicky (not sure that's a word) but when they work they work great but are not very reliable unfortunately. Battery capacity seems very limited (mine appears to have fried out after 1 cart/been charging for 2 hours yet still can't draw from it) and they're just overall inconsistent.

  4. Almost everyone is using CCELL atomizers, which require at least 7w on a mod to get a good hit. With these I cannot get even a little cloud on the highest setting? Are these just not powerful enough for todays ceramic CCELL carts?

  5. I just got this handy little pen yesterday. After studying it (it does have a lot of settings controlled purely by pushing the button), and realizing how 'sensitive' it is I found that for a quick 'reset' you can unscrew the oil part and then screw it back in. This has the behavior of a 'soft' reset (similar to taking the battery out of a cell phone to get it to snap out of whatever is wrong with it). It worked with the blinking purple indicator, and when I couldn't change the setting back to 'green'.

    I'm still learning it, but so far it seems pretty cool.

  6. After I fully charge mine, it only lets me hold down the button for a second before it powers off. This started happening two weeks after the first use. Any help?

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