1. Ok does this work for good like it wont come up in my system no more becouse I got probation drug test and I havent smoked in a while but still come out possitive for thc..so after I do this I wont come up dirty anymore as long as I dont smoke…

  2. So do u drink the certo first and then drink the water leading up to the test or do u u drink both leading up to test how exactly do u go about it. I really cant fail i need this job i thought they would test me when i went out there not now. I wanna do it right

  3. I don’t get what the niacin is for? Specifically if the certo is a one time thing than why do I need a whole pill bottle just to take one serving of niacin I don’t think that would be very effective?

  4. Alright, I have all kinds of detox shit. I have Stinger 5x, Certo, Stat Flush, Paulo Azul, everything.
    Anyone know if we can mix these?
    For example, take the Niacin, mix the Certo with the Stinger 5x, THEN before the test do the Stat Flush. Anyone know if this would be counterproductive???

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