1. Keep up the good work Gabriel, I just subscribed to your Chanel last week and thought ‘man this guy is just something else, like a god damn prophet man. You gotta be so strong and centered to be doing all this to help all of us along your journey too. I live in Sydney aust. I been smoking bongs for the last 17 years and your the first person that’s ever made sense on exactly how I feel when and why I smoke. Tried so many times to quit that now I don’t remember the last time I DIDNT smoke. I’ll be leaving for a 6 day road trip from Sydney to Byron bay over this Christmas week and police are cracking down hard on drug driving over here real bad and I did for a moment think FORGET it, I’ll just stay home!! ….and then it was at that moment I realized how much my life is suffering from my addiction to the point where I’m feeling like a prisoner in my own life with limited surroundings!! So I found my Centre, that ‘executive me’ after I watched one of your videos and even tho I was stoned I felt like your message still got through to that Centre executive me and I realized I gotta do this road trip and I gotta do it weed free for me!! Anyways, to cut a long story short, I’m looking forward to my weed free journey, taking in the open road and having so much time to think… and try to remember who I really am when I’m not stoned… will I remember how to be the real me… your videos will be a big help Gabriel, I don’t know you but I am so proud of you because you give me faith and I know how hard it can be for you too to keep the faith up every day too. Good work kid. Catch up ✌️

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