1. The makers of South Park are doing a very bad job right now. South Park was AWESOME back when it first came out. It was funny, it had good characters, it didn't had a real plot and it looked so simple. Now it's an awful show with annoying and hateful characters, a bad plot, it tries to be dramatic but it's totally not, the jokes are so cringey and it's too much about politics. What I hate most about the new South Park is that they try to make it look as realistic as possible but they have to stick with the old animation, THE OLD FUNNY AND MEDIOCRE ANIMATION IS WHAT MADE THIS SHOW SO FUNNY!!!!!! YOU'RE RUINING IT BY MAKING THE SAME SHOW THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF WHAT IT USED TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. yeah…well I kinda miss the south park that wasn't that political, I get that USA has a lot of problems with SJW stuff, it gets bored fast, I miss when South Park used to mock dumb people like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian 🙁

  3. here's one for that new episode should have had a cow or dog spray shit out near Stan and Kyle have small particles of shit splash on their cheeks and lips

    from the cow or dog eating those cannabis plants that would have made it more funny

  4. Something I noticed was the fandom is starting to lose interest in Tweek and Craig being together. So what if there was an episode where they broke up, but still remained best friends?

    What if Butters invited three Saudi Arabians to his birthday party on September 11th (He was born on that day) and the FBI crashed it because they believe one of the presents or the cake is a bomb?

    What if the whole town started egging Stan and Wendy on about sex?

    What if Kyle and Bebe started a relationship?

    What if PC Principal and Strong Woman quit their jobs to raise their babies and got married?

    What if the boys hijacked the ReTARDIS and went to the future and met their future offspring?

    What if Heidi and Scott Tenorman forge an alliance to bring Cartman to his knees?

    What if Butters and Nelly forged a secret romance, but are nervous about how long it can remain secret after getting seen by The Coon?

    What if Kenny and Lola got the lead roles in 'West Side Story' and Kenny and Lola forged a romance after he sees and touches her vagina?

    What if Kenny became a Millionaire and Cartman planned a heist to steal the money, but Clyde blew up the vault instead of blowing the door off the vault?

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