1. I wish this had been an issue when he made this segment. But we have a major problem going on in the kidney dialysis field where government officials are overstepping their boundaries and doctors and nurses are afraid to back down. They literally don't care how many patients are hurt by this stupid federal regulation:


  2. I'm a dialysis patient at a DCI clinic and I can tell you, those patient turn around times are real at my clinic too, the techs are supposed to get one patient off and another on in 15 minutes. I would love to know how you clean the machine that quickly.

  3. Yess!! My husband has CKD and his first doc. Never mentioned transplants and wanted him to go straight to dialysis….. I ended up googling CKD and looked for a hospital to get the process started for a transplant…. We switched doctors soon after and the second doc was wonderful my husband ended up getting a few months of dialysis but it was peritoneal dialysis which is less invasive

  4. My husband was on the transplant list and had a live donor. But he was taken off the transplant list for one reason: neither Medicare nor Florida Blue cover the anti rejection meds! So, after working 30 straight years, we had to fight for 2 years to get my husband’s disability. In that 2 years, his treatment and meds, plus trying to keep our family farm and support our family literally bankrupted us. The federal government made sure we had to use every single thing we had worked all our lives for to survive, retirement, savings, liquidated our lives. THEN they finally granted disability. We have NOTHING left. Insult to injury is not having enough money now to cover the anti rejection meds BUT being told by every “program” out there that we don’t qualify for any help because “we make too much in disability “. The final kick when we are down is the hospital social worker who told us to “just get divorced” and we would ALL qualify for lots of assistance. Wow. So scam the government. Nice. Did you know that Davita and Fresenius have LOBBYISTS in D.C.? Because it’s in their best (financial) interests to keep people in center.

  5. Hmm, having watched a lot of Last Week Tonight there is clearly a pattern of abuse in so many of USA's institutions. So much unchecked predatory behavior against it's own population is shocking to me. And is, perhaps the result of the low tax rates leading to financially starved regulatory institutions and as a consequence hyper capitalism completely out of control. This utterly callous and disgusting behavior makes a mockery of a country with such a strong belief in Christian values. I am glad I live in Europe.

  6. I firmly believe this company caused my sister more damage than good. From calling her and telling her "the only person who can run the machine isn't here today, so you can't get your treatment", to pulling her off prematurely ( 2 hours of a 4 hour run), telling her she needs to get a doctors ok to go to therapy after she had a fall, but then not giving her that appt time for three weeks, when she needed her treatment ASAP., and other incidents, then just not understanding why she was so sick (because she wasn't getting the fluid off like she should have, if her therapy was run correctly). This is just a small part of all that went wrong the last year of her life, but it wa a very BIG issue.

  7. The U.S. is quite amazing. Our needs are neglected but our wants are treated with care. We get money poured into entertainment and we’re missing money in the right places for things like healthcare. Fuck this shit.

  8. Why do most of the dialysis patient shown in this video are black? Do they suffer more from kidney disease than other races?
    Edit: Never mind, I googled it and this is what I found: "While African Americans make up about 13 percent of the population, they account for 35 percent of the people with kidney failure in the United States. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the leading causes of kidney failure among African Americans."

    I did some further research and found out that Black people in general who live in western countries suffer far more from high blood pressure due to genetic reasons that cause them to be more sensitive to salt, have higher rates of obesity since their bodies are less capable of dealing with the western higher carb content diet (some theorize it's because they adopted farming much later than other races and kept to the hunter-gatherer lifestyle for much longer) and have higher rates of diabetes cause by said higher rates of obesity and theorized sensitivity to carbs, and by another issue that black people suffer from in western countries, which is a vitamin D deficiency cause by the high melanin content in their skin which requires them to expose larger percentage of their body to the sun for longer periods of time than people with lighter skin do to produce adequate levels of vitamin D, and also to avoid colder climates with a lot more overcast days than in tropical climates.

    So basically, African Americans and black people in general who want to keep living in western countries especially ones with colder climates and be relatively healthy, should probably go on a low carb diet where they will have to completely give up sugar of any kind (which is a good advice for anyone regardless of their race or skin color), reduce their salt intake to a minimum, expose themselves as much as they can to the sun and take an additional Vitamin D supplement if required.

  9. The only reason anyone would choose not to take a transplant that could lengthen they're life expectancy is probably for disability fraud I'm not saying this it's the case Everytime but for some I believe this is the case I think there being told if they get the transplant they will have to give up that monthly check

  10. Nixon also created the EPA and opposed concealed carry licenses. Republicans at that time were much more liberal than modern Republicans. Conversely, Democrats at that time were much more conservative than modern Democrats. That isn’t to necessarily say the two parties “switched” sides, but it is enough to laugh at how much Democrats vehemently hate Nixon, someone with whom they would agree on many, if not most, political standpoints.

  11. My late wife was on Dialysis for three years. During that time the number of patients we saw code during a run was just unbelievable. We saw too many patients taken away by EMS, and most of them died. I would mention which outpatient facility she went to, but John Oliver already has.

  12. this is the secret back up kidney (not James talking here} I know I'm not supposed to sneak in here and comment,usually.
    but I have to let you know that I can maybe register,secure,and insure myself when I become a planned, intended donation as designated by private body, right, and if denial of dialysis occurs, I can't be beat or corruption profitable, as a private donor not for sale. this is not impossible or illegal.

  13. My ex's mom dated a man who was actually on kidney dialysis. He was active and took pretty good care of himself, though struggled to put on any kind of weight and was constantly dealing with medical scares while trying to raise his son. His medical issues were so bad, and his kidney functionality was so low that he had to live with his parents off and on or stay with my ex's mom just so someone would be there to help him if he needed emergency medical attention or so someone else would be there to take care of his son if things went REALLY south. He had to treat himself every night and I remember how it put a strain on their relationship–my ex's mom not liking the noise of the dialysis machine, and him having to do it for long periods of time when we were all trying to sleep. For all the years he's been on that thing it doesn't appear to be prolonging his life by much, either. . .

    I felt really bad for him. He struggled to do a lot of things and was really given the short end of the stick when it came to his treatments. It seemed like doctors didn't care, he was constantly going in for appointments and check ups only to be told to up his treatments and that they still didn't have a kidney they could transplant. He was already on the waiting list for years when I had come into the family picture, and to my knowledge he's still on relatively the same spot on the wait list to this day. Even sadder and scarier still is that his condition was steadily worsening when I had moved out and my relationship with my ex ended months later. At one point his kidney's level of function was less than 10%, which is when a lot of people are in immediate need of hospitilazation and transplant organs, but the doctors did nothing. They said they couldn't, that they didn't have the organs. That waitlist moved just about as quickly as death row.

    Something else I learned from a close friend of mine whose mother works at a hospital is that they actually get a lot of organs from donors, and that it's kind of shady how they get some of them–sometimes if someone is injured in an accident and there's a chance that they will still wake up and make a full recovery or if someone's gone into a coma (medically induced or otherwise) the staff will literally pronounce them dead in order to harvest because they need the organs.

    It's just . . . all very distressing to think about—how many people need organ transplants, how many organs are available, how we go about getting some of them, and how slow and expensive the whole process is.

    The fuckery is unreal.

  14. We love American health care because my friend is 25 and going to die because she has type 2 diabetes and shes having complete kidney and liver failure and can’t afford to stay in the hospital and wait for a transplant. And if she doesn’t stay in the hospital her organs are so bad that she’ll die within about two days.

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