Can You Join the Military if You Smoked Weed!?

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  1. Hey I took my asvab and passed it almost two years ago I have 5 days until it expires I want to go to a marine recruiters office and put it to use but I smoked pot 3 days ago should I go and see a recruiter or should I wait and take it again

  2. I’m 13 and want to be in marines and at least try for seals, probably won’t make it but I won’t regret trying. I got fucking pressured into smoking and I’m nervous.

  3. Word, my recruiter is looking out for me. Getting me that bonus and not gonna send me to meps til I'm g2g. I've stopped smoking almost two months ago and still pissin dirty. He's looking out for me forsure and wants to get me in.

  4. Do they drug test hair follicles? I’m joining the national guard and to go from e1 to e2 or e2 to e3 you need to enlist someone. and a friend I want to help join quite smoking a week ago, but can’t ship to camp until he gets his GED in October. So he would go to the pre training until than. Even though there’s enough time to fully get out of his piss idk about hair. One guy I asked said they only do piss tests.

  5. I guess during my time in the Marines it was different…signed up in '78 at the age of 18 and learned to smoke weed at my duty station. My whole platoon smoked and we were all very good soldiers, except for the occasional fight with squids (no offense to Navy personnel) at our local enlisted club after a few dozen pitchers of beer. I recall being walked on by the officer of the day one night while the entire barracks looked like London Fog yet nothing came of it except for a warning. What were they going to do, charge the entire HQ Batallion? Not sure what happened since then as I never heard of any drug related incidents while I was in. I left with an Honrable Discharge, Good Conduct Medal, and both Rifle/Pistol Expert Badges. I've had to leave it alone since I'm now a subway trackworker for the NYC Transit Authority and failing a random could cost me my career.

  6. I told my recruiter the whole truth about how I was smoking for years before coming into the recruiting office and he was fine with it. He just told me to stay clean for a month, so July 1st the recruiters are going to give me a piss test and once I pass that which I will, I can continue with the process. They still allow me to go to PT with them which is twice a week, I’m pretty much just waiting for July 1st to further go the process of joining. Oh and this is for the Marines too

  7. Im in the DEP and Ive took only one hit from a wax pen, ive never done weed before that or after. I have another month until I ship out. Should I be fine?

  8. Weed isn’t in your system for 90 days longest it can stay in is over a month. Except for hair follicles but they don’t test for that. If you smoke every so often it’s about eight days for it to leave your system

  9. The higher quality applicant you are the better chance you have to get a waiver.  Never hold anything back from your recruiter and I mean NEVER.  If you get an MOS that requires a security clearance and you withheld information from you recruiter, you will visit the brig and more than likely get the big chicken dinner.  Most teenage dumbassery is forgiven as long as it is not viewed as habitual.

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