1. just a fyi for anyone reading comments nicotine is not comparable to heroin at all in the slightest bit but they both are really addictive but that's a horrible comparison that could be fixed with a slight bit a research.

  2. That comment about the oral fixation problem relationship with obesity is pretty true I guess, I can destroy a bag of chips easily without thinking about it even though I know it's going to hurt. Getting better though now replacing chips with bong hits and try to not go to the store baked!

  3. Don't even compare heroin and nicotin. I've been addicted to both. And I still use methadone. You have no idea how hard it is to stop using heroin. I want to die when I don't get my methadone. I get really really sick. You're a smart guy. But this is an ignorant thing to say

  4. I’d try them and probs buy them often but they can’t guarantee delivery as I’m in the UK and it’s kinda illegal here even though you can buy full flavour CBD weed in shops and get the oils etc legally

  5. I actually honestly like the idea of the cbd cigarette things, have too give them a try if I get a chance. Been smoking cigarettes for 9 years (21 now) and absolutely hate it now but can’t stop no matter what, I wanna see if this could help. Very interesting.

  6. Shrooms actually did the trick for me and it wasn't anything special I just tripped and for some reason I didn't want a cig anymore, still smoke one on occasion when I'm drunk or fucked up.

  7. I find that smoking anything sucks! Vaping is so much better, for your lungs, head, and your environment. Josh I think you need to work on being totally honest with yourself. When you get older you will probably look back at what you have done, and are doing, and see that you weren't being honest. I know you think you are at this time, but dig deeper, as it will help everyone.

  8. What about for people who smoke weed and cigs but I hate smoking cigs but I still want them. I have an ecig, a really good one that I love it's my favorite one that I've had been through 4 of them it's the mag 225 with the V12 prince tank with bubble glass but I run out of juice too fast and cigs are cheaper

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