12-25-2018 – Merry Christmas – Day 35F – Rapid LED Tent Update

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  1. 😱OH Shit!!!!They really fattening up A lot from the last update.. I like that trick you do it .I’m gonna have to try that out ..nice work brother🔥🔥❄️❄️❄️💯💙💨✌🏾

  2. Looking great man straight forest of donkey dicks Haha and its berly day 35 . I had a question about the light schedule I'm currently doing 13 on 11 off and I'm on day 20 what does switching to 11 on 13 off do at this point ? And I'm growing some platinum delight, point break , og kush story 🤙peace .

  3. Im running 2 of the rapid led vero29 kits and only 3 weeks in i can tell a huge difference from my last run with the cheeper king 1200 leds i used last time. These cobs put out like a cheep hooker lol

  4. That looks fucking amazing man ! What’s ur temps looking like ? As a first time grower I really appreciate these videos , I’m able to compare them to how I’m doing . Thanks again ! Happy Holidays everyone !

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