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  2. I just really hate the short term memory loss and the lack of interest in things that you would normally have in disappear. Money is a thing too but money comes and goes. It’s the short term memory loss and the dulling of the emotions is what’s making me want to go on a looooong break

  3. I feel like no one talks about this, but how the fuck am I supposed to be hired or keep a job if I am to be drug tested? Do i really have to plan 30+ days in advance to stop smoking weed just to make sure that I don't have any metabolites in my system? Detoxing doesnt work. It just doesn't. Using fake/someone elses piss is also out if the employer sends it to a lab.

  4. Honestly glad im not the only one that feels bad or guilty for smoking weed especially to hide problems in life (stress, depression, anxiety etc) especially having a brake I was feeling down and smoked and I wasn't satisfied with myself.

  5. Why are people dumb enough to abuse weed, I don't understand it. I see them everywhere, crying and asking for help, sharing how awesome it is to stop, crying about the problems it gave them. Just dont fucking abuse weed ffs, it's the hardest to abuse imo and you still manage to do it because you feel sooooo safe with your lil herb…

  6. I smoked roughly 2 – 6 grams a day for 5 years, and to anyone who is thinking of quitting, do it. If you're thinking of giving up, then you probably subconsciously know you've already learnt all you can from it. Weed can only teach you so much, and after prolonged use it just becomes a hindrance. Once you come out of it, you'll have a whole new perspective on life.

  7. So idk if this is weird or just me but.. I smoked maybe 2-3 times a month and I noticed after quitting for about 1-2 weeks I felt very anxious and worried and stressed. Does anyone else have this happen?

  8. I haven’t smoked in about a week now, but last night I smoked in a dream. I think I was in a maze or something and some dude offered me a hit of his joint. I took a couple long hits and everything started turning like I was on a rollercoaster… it was pretty fun. Now I wanna smoke again, so I’m here trying to find a reason not to 🤒🤕

  9. Just quit dude dont set goals on it for 30 days and all that shit if you feel like its not for you QUIT thats what i did after smoking for awhile i got depressed i quit it and i slowly started to regain my self just try it bro you wont lose anything believe me.

  10. I found out that smoking 2 days a week is the best for me. About 1-2 times each day and i am all good. This daily 24/7 smoking is pointless and it will only cause problems with memory and relationships (for many people, not all obviously).
    I usually smoked before going for a run like 3-4 times a week, the run was awesome while high, but when i got the tolerance the fun stopped too. So, people, just don't smoke daily and marijuana can be awesome, or smoke daily and most of you will get problems for sure.

    Btw, i found out no matter how much i smoke, if i take similar amount of cbd, i will still dream and wake up sober af in the morning.
    Also, if you have problems quitting marijuana, also take cbd- it will end your cravings for marijuana. Been there, done that.
    After i quit my daily smoking routine my energy levels shot up, i had clarity that i never had while smoking and i was actually much happier. But i still need some weed once a week as stated above, i feel like it balances something out and i can relax after long hard work week.

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