Vape Influencers Think FDA’s Crackdown On Juul Won’t Matter (HBO)

Today, the Food and Drug Administration announced its long-awaited e-cigarette regulations. The new rules, subject to approval, will require more stringent age …


  1. Want to know something funny? There is something even easier to use in school which all my classmates in eu do. Snus ffs. And guess what? the media doesn’t care about that

  2. Ok… A few things.

    1. I've never seen a kid that's in elementary school have access to a juul.

    2. The mother was ok with her son vaping and that's a parental choice.

    3. There is no such thing as "3rd party juuls" The other Vapes that you mentioned are like juul except they have better battery life, don't taste like shit and are called pod systems. Juul is a pod system but it is the only one that has been accessible to minors.

    4. Get your information correct, the only guy on there that knew was the guy with the dog. Hell even the dog knew what was what.

  3. There is no way you guys said B as in billion for Juul's net worth. Million I would buy. 15 Billion is like in the fortune 500 range. I see people vaping everywhere every day. And I have never seen anyone ever use a Juul device.

  4. I’m 39, never had vaped anything but thc, and the day I got my Smok Infinix is the day I quit cigarettes after trying and failing to quit for a year. Going on four months now.

  5. This crackdown on flavored vaping should be unconstitutional. They should be treated exactly like booze and cigarettes. And yes, if some of these producers of vaping products are actually giving products to these "influencers", then they should be prosecuted. But it's simply an issue of freedom. Adults shouldn't have to go through so much trouble to get flavored vaping products simply because teens like them. They should be sold over the counter just like cigarettes.

  6. If somebody sits near you on outside seating at a restaurant and they are drinking coffee, no problem.
    If somebody is vaping near you, they are like an old-style steam engine.

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