1. Is this race pimpin or what. What do you expect to get from a video like this. it only further infuriates criminals in inner neighborhoods and causes more violence not only in blacks but also in cops who have to suppress them.. then when that happens if there happens to be a white cop who kills a dangerous black man you will only make it fit your agenda. Geez itโ€™s a win win situation for you.. these are race pimpas. Always making a gain out of victimhood.

  2. I studied Modern Day and Community policing and without a doubt Mike was flat out murdered. I don't always see that a person shot by police is automatically innocent. But a blind man can see this young man shouldn't have died. White and Black folks are so scared of each other that it leads to these types of things. And I live in the mountains of North Georgia and I see folks afraid of change and other folks scratching hard every day to make a change and make a difference. I hope we can bridge the gap maybe not in my lifetime but maybe one day.

  3. Wow… I'm glad I watched it. First of all, I'm Russian-Ukrainian and second- I lived all my adult life in Canada. I wanted to get to the bottom of this, and to hear both sides of the story. I heard the police/fox side of the story (easy enough, as it's everywhere). The other side was not very factuall in my eyes- until I have seen this. One of the big things for me was the M.Brown's DNA on the gun. I mean, if you try to grab Canadian cop's gun, he'll/she'll shoot you. Now I see that this evidence could have been planted (piece of pie if you've got on you, nobody is watching and your hands are soaked in M.Brown's blood) and the whole story meticulously calculated. Second, when both of them were outside the car, M.Brown was bleeding and hurt, not armed- why was it so easy for the officer to open fire? Really scary to live in US when police pulls the trigger so easily. Even if M.Brown was moving towards D. Wilson (not running- he was hurt and timing doesn't add up), he could have tasered him. No one should be allowed to kill unarmed people so easily. The cop in charge of the crime scene should be fired and tried in court. The police in those should have community reps in the HR process and should start hire locals and doing re-qualifications – and firing those that don't pass. You should be able to ask a police officer to watch over your baby if needed be. I mean, if there is no trust between the police and the community, you might as well disband the police force and save on taxes…

  4. Nice hack job! Youโ€™re a crap weasel! You should be in jail for getting cops killed and millions of dollars in public damage. Crap weasel! The unedited version came out and looks nothing like your idiotic narrative!

  5. Youtube is a JOKE.
    This movie is a JOKE.
    If you believe this garbage, you are a joke.
    The director is a narcissistic liar.
    "Its their narrative" he says.
    "They alter facts" "too push their narrative" he says.
    Now, with that being said. Quit crying about what I've said and go watch this video. After watching the whole video make a concious decision about who is pushing a narrative. Too further themselves. Not any grievances toward the thief. But too further his own career.
    Enjoy the video.

  6. If a man big as Mike hit Officer Wilson isn't it true that he'd be bloody and bruised. After all I know for a fact white folks tend to bruise much easier than us as melannated skin nice and golden. Ive lived here in Chicago my while life and ive onky seen like 1 black male ever actually confront a cop like what what? Anyone can tell by all of the body language of the witnesses and also Darren's fake ass bruises that he should have. I mean Damn. As for the Obama thing people cant deal with. The entire criminal justice system in America needs to be revolutionized. It's ok to have a black president and a black attorney general but they can't be out in the strerts like the people. I'll say this I know some good cops and I know that civil servants have a hard time however we pay taxes too. We deserve to be served and protective even if it's from a bad cop or whoever. Rest in peace Mike Mike.

  7. "See, that's how they do it. They make up a story. They use facts that don't line up to back up their story, and then they alter evidence to fit their narrative."
    That's what YOU did, Jason Pollock… you lying sack of shit.
    We watched the tape that you decided to edit.
    You tried to say Michael Brown went back to the store just to get his bag which he asked the clerks to hold for him. What you decided to leave out was the part where the clerks took the items out of the bag and restocked them.

    Look… you guys want to have the case reopened? I support that. Investigate until the last possible detail is uncovered. If that means officers need to go to prison, I'm fine with that.
    But, DON'T fall for deliberately dishonest assholes like Jason Pollock. He wants there to be conflict between police and African Americans. He wants you to fight with cops.
    He truly doesn't mind if more black people die. It fits his narrative, and he will go on pretending to be one of those "woke" white people so he can garner sympathy points from the African American community.

  8. Once again people fall victim to the exploitation of a tragic situation based on people like Jason Pollock. America needs to open their eyes and stop turning weapons against one another, and point them towards people like Jason Pollock. They peddle lies and distortion for money.

  9. I watched part of the documentary. Itโ€™s a little bias to me. It is something worth watching. Itโ€™s hard to tell what really happened. I donโ€™t think Brown was very respectful. For example, in the footage from the store, we saw how he shoved the store clerk. He wasnโ€™t a small dude. So that may of caused him to be extra confrontational.

  10. mike brown was a thug and his mother is a nasty ass bitch, she wanted to play the mommy role after her thug of a son was killed all because she wanted a payout and she and her nasty ass family will get whats coming to them.

  11. wait is this the 300 pound man he 18 went after a cop that weight 160 pounds and the cop empty his pistol in him if so hell yea i would shot him in the nuts and head and people said don't shoot my boy because he stuck up a store hahaha now thats funny thats why i carrie more than one gun small then big also knives. military ask me so long of knife heads come off easy= no matter what color be ready male or female be alert i have seen the stupid cops do some shit and should hang and also you go after someone and get shot its on you

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