Offset’s Arresting Cop Smelled Weed, But Ignored Field Sobriety Test | TMZ Live

The officer who arrested Offset did NOT do a field sobriety test, despite claiming he observed the rapper crossing a solid yellow line and then smelled weed in …


  1. If u smoke your cloth smell too ,if u can afford bodyguards the police wouldn’t mess with u ,if u had them with u ,that would be wittinesses and on another level .where were the bodyguards at ?

  2. This is completely flawed, in Georgia it’s illegal to text and drive, so him crossing over the line could have been a sign to that officer that he was doing something he shouldn’t while behind the wheel, and marijuana doesn’t have to be smoked to smell, so idk why they are insisting that somethings off. He broke a traffic law, which gives the cop the right to pull him over, then he smells weed when they are pulled over, so he searches the vehicle and arrests him for what he finds. Targeted or not, the cop followed procedures and the law.

  3. Swerving was PC for the stop. Smell of weed was PC for a search. Who cares about DUI when you find drugs and guns in the car of a convicted felon? The marijuana DUI is hard to prove and would likely get dropped anyway or plead down. The gun charge is the only one that will matter anyway. The police knew that. Can’t get caught breaking the law if you aren’t breaking the law.

  4. Man that shit don't matter targeting or not he got caught he just need to serve his time… Regular niggas get caught up like this all the time and we don't get off the hook because they way they attained the evidence they just label us guilty… Yeah something need to change but bruh just got caught slipping… But learn from xxxtencion it's better to be caught with then without…

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