1. Not saying it iiiiss but I've heard a lot of cases where heavy smokers start having stomach pains & vomiting. You should go to the doctors just in case even if it isnt that cause who wants to live like that

  2. I love you having a camera woman! It's nice to be able to see you guys the entire time, you should have someone more often or have a bipod and a camera! It would make your videos awesome! They're already great, no offense, just trying to help you grow as a YouTuber and I think this is a great way to do so! 😀

  3. You might have gastritous like me or worse.. If I was you Id get an endoscopy.. I was getting sick every morning & id be in pain an screaming for someone to take me to the hospital. My stomach always felt super hot.. I never experienced pain though like until i was getting sick im the morning.

  4. DEST!!! I had a very similar scenario when i was thirteen years old! I started throwing up every single night right around the same time and it would last for hours with excruciating pain. I cried to my parents and was told by several doctors for SEVEN MONTHS that I had the stomach flu🙄 like bitch i know what the damn stomach flu feels like… well one night my father finally realized something was fucking wrong when i couldn't keep anything down anymore. We went to urgent care like we did every other time, except we did go to my reg doc sometimes but he said stomach flu like the others. THIS TIME THO they told me to go to the ER immediately. Turns out I had gallstones for seven months and had to have my gallbladder removed that night because of this. I wanted to share my story with you because what you explained feels very similar to how I felt and if sharing this story with you or anyone experincing something like this should bring it up to their dr. I now experience severe nausea and vomiting all the time from not having a gallbladder anymore. I also have permanent nerve damage from the surgery which means i have constant nerve pain. Im 18 now and luckily weed is the only thing that helps counteract the pain and the nausea/vomiting altogether. Again, i really wanted to share my story with you or anyone who even bothers reading this because it may have turned out differently for me if i had been properly diagnosed prior to seven months. I hope you do feel better tho Dest❤much love from a love✌✌

  5. I got sick like that from my anxiety I went to the doctor when it was too late the pain lasted weeks after going to the ER I had acute gastritis worst ever !!! It’s from anxiety but weed makes it worsen just the rilo so leave the rilo and smoke organic hemp ramps helped aloooootttttt !!! Not the weed weed heals !!! But they are stomach pains to watch out because they will be painful and lots along time if not treated !! I lasted monthsss it’s horrible so please take care

  6. You might be dehydrated make sure you’re drinking a gallon of water a day! I’ve been to the ER with stomach pains, throwing up & was in so much pain & it turned out to be dehydration. Try a Pepcid too it’s an anti acid 💚

  7. As a nurse even if you don’t have insurance don’t wait on something that is causing that severe of pain that is making you vomit if it’s your appendix that could be life threatening. I don’t want to worry you or scare you but you have a fan base who cares and just wants you to be happy, healthy and not hurting.

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