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Update** As you can probably tell I answer these questions completely relying on my knowledge and we don’t do extra takes. In the Vaping question I …


  1. For those of you jumping into the comments section to tell me how successful vaping is at helping smokers quit please read this. Just published this week.

    The Wall Street Journal (7/9) reports U.S. adult smokers who did not use electronic vaping devices to aid in smoking cessation were more than twice as likely to quit smoking as those who did, a new study published in PLOS One concludes. The study also found that 90 percent of smokers who vaped at the start of the study were still smoking a year later. The researchers said they did not find evidence that vaping devices helped adult smokers quit at higher rates than those who did not use the products.

    The Washington Times (7/9) reports “e-cigarettes are an ineffective tool for smoking cessation,” the survey of 858 smokers suggests. The article says “more and more research has found that e-cigarette use isn’t a reliable path to quitting cigarettes.”

  2. What helps me with hiccups is drinking, doesn't matter if it's water or juice or even soda, as long as I swallow RIGHT when the hiccup would occur, if I get the right timing to swallow my drink and then burp the hiccups are gone
    This probably isn't all that accurate, but it makes me feel as though with the well timed contraction from the gulp and the relaxing from the following burp I managed to completely relax my diaphragm so it stops contracting spontaniously

  3. Men have nipples because up until the sixth week of pregnancy the fetus is based on a female template and at the sixth week the fetus develops the right sex organs for its gender but the nipples are left over in men

  4. This may seem like an unusual problem but I have a small rib cage and rather large breasts and the weight sometimes makes it impossible for me to breath regularly and I can no longer straighten my shoulders is there something I can do to fix my problem without having to get a reduction.

  5. Squatty potty is not just about marketing… Ask any Physical Therapist who specializes in the pelvic floor. The relaxation of the puborectalis in a deep squat allows for easier passage of stool.

  6. 1. I don’t care what anyone says, I’ll always use q-tips in my ear. Soooo satisfying!!!
    2. Drinking water while bending over so your head is upside down has always caused hiccups go away for me.

  7. Men have nipples because they are formed before the body has decided the gender of the fetus. Then over the next few weeks the fetus starts giving off either male or female hormones and if they are female hormones “breasts” start forming and if they are male hormones they just get left alone.

  8. alright, little bit of storytime for no one, thats probably going to be long. anyways sorry for being that person that writes a novel just commenting on something.

    not too long ago, i ended up having appendicitis, which, at first i had no idea what it was and i had woken up feeling a little nauseas an early morning. i just shruged it off, since i tended (and still do) to get small fevers occasionally and my mom had developed the mindset of "youre not bedridden, so youre still able to go to school." (shes not harsh about it, but its just if i have a light fever) So i did, without telling her that morning and that was officially the worst school day of my life. my condition was decent towards the beginning while getting worse throughout the day. by lunch time i decided not to eat anything since i did not have an appetite. now you might be thinking, "you couldve gone to the nurse and went home sooner" well, thats not what my brain thought. i just kept "the days almost over, the days almost over" running in my head the entire time and i totally forgot. at the end of last period (thank god) i was barely paying attention and trying to keep my ever growing nausea down. then at last! the day was over only to find when i got home i had extreme stomach pain and puked up whatever i consumed (literally anything, including water). i thought "well i guess thats just the downsides of having a fever" (i did tell my mom at that point and she too questioned my thought process. however i just told her i didnt feel good and not the massive nausea wave) that was until i discovered that it was most definitely not a fever. eventually i just never left the bathroom since i felt really nauseas and was still in pain. shortly after i got the courage to leave and to go back downstairs to tell them and to ask them to take me to a doctor. it was my lucky day that there were no emergency care centers or clinics open in eagle river (yay). my mom was basically ready to stab someone while my dad was figuring out where to go next and so we had to drive all the way into anchorage to get to an ER. we got me checked in (which at that point i was shaking and willing myself to not vomit all over the floor) and then i finally got to a hospital bed. to sum the rest up, i got pain medicine, then got a CAT scan and got diagnosed. a little later i was taken to an operating room while they put me to sleep, which i never realized that i fell asleep and sorta thought i had teleported back to the room. apparently my appendix was a ticking time bomb and was about to rupture according to the surgeons, who evidently said "we got it out in time, dont worry!" by the time i went back to school, which was like a little less than a week later, all my teachers were surprised since they apparently got an email about my situation.

    so yeah sorry again for the novel, i just ended up thinking about this when the comment about thanking their surgeon came up.

  9. Question. Why is it I get depression? I am generally a positive person, I excersize, I eat healthy, I'm happy in general! I don't get it!! (I'm not sure how many of those wouldn't actually affect my depression but I feel like they would all help me not be depressed) please help if you can. I don't like being depressed.

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you… My friends think I'm nuts when I tell them a spoon full of sugar stops the hiccups!!
    My mom taught me that trick 50 yrs sgo!! It has always worked for me as well

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