1. It's a shame people arnt tuning in as they used to, just wanted to say alot of us still appreciate what you do and still are learning from you. And thanks to your videos and moderate direction I've learnt to play both directions and have given back nothing!!!I'm gonna continue to Do Good Things. You're the man Dan.

  2. Thanks for the videos. I watch every day. Thank you for doing this. I got into trading (after always wanting to try it) a little less than 2 years ago, MJ space is my first sector and listening to your videos has been instructive. You have helped me a lot!

  3. I'm here regardless of how frequent your updates are. Watching all your videos. Wish you did forex. Anyway thangs for the tips. I've been carefully learning trading through this crypto bear mkt. While i don't have much cash to play with i look forward to trying to transfer what I've learned to other bear mkts.

  4. Keep making the vids. Some have lost interest, for various reasons. They will be back. In essence, it will be "new money" Still, there are 2K+ of us who are still watching daily. Obviously not to you personally, monetarily speaking, but at this juncture, your episodes (for some of us) are even more valuable than ever.

  5. Dan please keep up the videos! You are one of the very few largely unbiased TA resources out there. I especially enjoy your SPY videos.
    Please remember that the vocal majority very often tend to be the negative minority.

  6. Man i really hope you continue to do this mj videos, i learn so much with your videos, they are pricessless.
    I now where you come from, but you channel is a gem to rookies like me,i watch you videos daily, you literally are transforming my life.

    Thanks, best regards and good trades.

    As we say in Portugal: Feliz Natal (Merry Christmas)

  7. Great video today Dan! I enjoyed how you talked about the analytics of your video views for crypto and MJ. You videos have been a daily part of my life since early 2016. Thank you for all your hard work and it's been a pleasure watching your success grow over the last 3 years. Happy holidays and cheers to a great 2019!

  8. Dan, just wanna say a huge thanks for bringing clarity with these vids, especially when there are strong headwinds in the market! Merry Christmas to you and looking forward to more vids.

  9. I'm not trading any of these stocks but i'm still interested! i love watching the videos. Your trading style is very different to the ways i have learnt to trade and has been very helpful for me in learning to trade breakouts. keep making them and keep adding the nature clips. Always makes me smile.

  10. Great analogy with 'a baby being left in the woods' Dan. Can testify that describes my scenario exactly as I am in my mid 20's learning the psychological cycle of the markets in full throttle for the first time. Had to exit my positions as I was holding HEXO.WT (expires Jan 2020) and OGI.WT.A (expires June 2019) due to the possibility of this bear market lasting longer than I can stay solvent. Watching your videos, though emotionally testing, has given me a new hope for 2019. Cheers to the new year.

  11. I look forward to your daily on mj and spy, really hope you keep them coming.
    You may feel like you are repeating and ppl may feel anxious hearing the truth about the state of the sector right now but that can change in a heart beat
    ..or not, point is you got to follow daily to stay ahead in this crazy game
    Take care bud, happy holidays

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